smilingrid: shine like a gloss in a room full of mattes (Estée Lauder, Bare Minerals, and Laura Mercier gloss review)

June 23, 2016

shine like a gloss in a room full of mattes (Estée Lauder, Bare Minerals, and Laura Mercier gloss review)

While the rest of the beauty world is having the a ridiculously long matte moment, I'm being my contrary self and heading for the glosses! Who'd have thought? I have never ever (no, seriously, never ever!) been a gloss person. I've always thought they were sticky af and who wants to deal with hair glued to their lips anyway? 

BUT! Then I tried a Clinique gloss (unfortunately not pictured). It was part of a gift-with-purchase type deal, there was a gloss on one end of the wand and mascara on the other, and for some reason I adored it!

So, I tried a lip lacquer from Estée Lauder. I don't even think they make these anymore (or, at least, not in this packaging), which is a shame because daaaaang they're pigmented! Plus, it only feels like a gloss for a short period before it dries down to a stain through eating/drinking/doing your thing (whatever that may be).

WAY more recently, I picked up one of Bare Minerals's Marvelous Moxie Buttercreams in a TJMaxx/Marshall's haul (In the color "Moody Berry"). I thought it was a liquid lipstick (whoops) but I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the gloss that I purchased instead! So much so, that I went back for "Cha-Ching Cherry!" These provide a sheer, kind of buildable flush of color and shine on their own and transform other lip products ah-mazingly when layered over the top!

So, I'm loving the colorful ones, right? Right. So the next logical step is to jump into the glossiest of glosses, the straight up Marvelous Moxies in "Rule Breaker" and "Risk Taker." I'm even more in love with these than I am with the buttercreams! These give such a nice overlay without any chunky glitter or stickity stickiness- plus, while I don't think they're plumping, they give a fun minty feel on the lips! Alllll the thumbs up!

Then there's this little mini! I've loved this bad baby since I got it as part of a Sephora mini/100 point gift type deal. Laura Mercier makes some pretty great products in general, and glosses specifically for the purposes of this post! But I'll get into that in another post, cause I've got my minis roundup all photographed and ready to chat about! 

Have you guys been living the matte trend? Or are you ready to swing to the other end of the spectrum (like me!)? Let me know!

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