smilingrid: Let's Talk Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics! (Review)

March 14, 2016

Let's Talk Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics! (Review)

If you've been watching my YouTube channel (which you should... and hey, while you're there, why not subscribe?! :P), this post probably feels about a small eternity overdue! Since I use this amazing (and amazingly affordable!) palette more than just about anything else in my makeup collection, it feels right to dedicate a post to taking a closer look, don'tcha think? 

The beautiful and talented Carli Bybel created this palette with BH cosmetics in order to make it available to as many of her fans as possible (which is just as sweet as can be, I cannot even). She wanted it to look different from the other palettes in your/my/everyone's collections so she picked a white base, making it all ladylike with pearl cushioning.

Not gonna lie, I love the striped spine (and that adorable penguin!) and inside wayyyy more than the outside... but you win some, you lose some, amirite? Plus, as much as I love the stripes, I wish the inside were a little less easy to make a mess on? The powders tend to streak across the cardboard (which is not cute to my OCD mind). 

buuuut the packaging isn't the important part (though, that HUGE mirror is everything!)! What makes this palette one of my fav obsessions is the products! Because oooooh boy they. are. gorgeous.

These eyeshadows though. I could probably leave that as the only explanation, but I love 'em too much not to babble! This is another of those products that I SWEAR someone must have sold their soul for... because, magic. They really bring out my green eyes, whether I'm going for blushed shades or coppery/gold ones, if I'm feeling mattes or shimmers, subtle or bold af. They're all super pigmented but, somehow, without fallout? I don't even know, man, I just love this palette!

While technically there are only the 10 eyeshadows I swatched above, the palette advertises the 4 highlighting shades as multipurpose- so, "14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette." I could literally yell it out from any/all rooftops because THESE HIGHLIGHTERS ARE EVERYTHING! As much as I adore my Becca trio, I've pretty much stopped reaching for it because these four are #perfection Look at the range! Look at the shiny! Look at the pretty!

Woof. I'm in love, it's fine! Now for the fun bit: I just reached 100 subscribers on YouTube (*celebratory trumpet*) so I want to put together a little giveaway! I'm thinking one of these palettes (maybe with some brushes? or a mug and some tea?) would be an amazing giveaway, but I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'd also really love your opinion on future giveaways: should I do small ones every 100 subscribers, or save the next giveaway and make it a bigger one for 500 (if we ever get there lol)? Let me know! xo 

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