smilingrid: patterned skirts and chambray shirts

January 17, 2016

patterned skirts and chambray shirts

Throwing it back to when this shirt had sleeves and I was a red head! It's been about a full year that I've been sitting on this outfit (and another few... and some from this summer... whoops!)

If you want to check out my favorite looks with this shirt as a sleeveless top, check out my youtube channel-my first ever lookbook was a compilation of my favorite ways to wear chambray vests

I'm feeling the itch to switch up my hair again! I think my mom might kill me if I go back to being ginger, though, so I'm debating between growing it out, getting bangs, or maybe both? I don't really know, but I want to do something!

I LOVE this skirt! It's a cool shape, sort of bell-like, and super flattering. The fabric is also ridiculously soft and a great weight/thickness, so there's pretty much no cons about it :p

Fingers crossed we get some snowfall like last year's up in here! I've already been doing so much layering, but def need to get some more skirts into the mix.

What are your thoughts on super easy DIYs, my ginger-y-ness, and/or winter skirts? Always dying to hear your opinions! xo

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