smilingrid: a flower crown for the current queen of late posts

January 28, 2016

a flower crown for the current queen of late posts

Honestly, it's been so crazy and unseasonably warm lately that posting summer looks doesn't even feel weird. My vacation lookbooks (hello from Cancun & Jamaica!) were supposed to remind me of warmer times as I shivered my way through becoming a human icicle! Not offer style inspo! grrrr.

Okay, while I might be one of the few wishing dreamily for last year's blizzarding, even I have to admit that summer fashions have their perks. Like comfiness, pretty colors, having a hiiiiint of a tan?

But, like, throw on some tights and a cardigan and I could wear it now? Is anyone else in the Boston area suffering from extreme seasonal confusion?

I'm kind of crazy-obsessed with this hairdo- and most that look like crowns! Have I mentioned that I can finally give myself a crown braid?!?!?! I just about shrieked with joy when I completed it successfully.

flower crown: Free People (metallic version!)
glasses: Polette Eyewear (store)
peekaboo bra: Negative Underwear
shorts: Free People (similar)
bag: Can I say "vintage" if it's a hand-me-down from mom?
sandals: Frye (old)

I felt like such a real fashion blogger, taking pics in this pretty little alleyway in Boston! Erin and I had just been shopping around on Charles Street (AHmazing deals at the Second Time Around, like whaat!) before deciding to do some location scoping. First little alley we poked down- BAM! perfection!

Fingers crossed it'll snow again so I can deliver some winter fashion! Until then, sending warmth and good wishes your way!

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