smilingrid: unexpected pattern mixing: polka dots and paisley

July 09, 2015

unexpected pattern mixing: polka dots and paisley

I actually have a couple funny stories behind this look! 

So, first, about the location. Last summer, Erin and I became #obsessed with this matcha green tea drink called Motto. It's lightly carbonated and very green and just all around some kind of black magic, it's so delicious. But it's a weird enough drink that it's not everyone's cup of (ha!) tea and you have to go to Whole Foods or other fancy health foods places to obtain it.

According to their website, there are many such locations throughout Jamaica Plain- awesome, that's within biking distance AND there's a pretty body of water nearby for outfit pics... I'm sold.  So we biked, we parked, we meandered while taking pics... it's all good! First place, no Motto. Some more walking later... no, Motto. THIRD place and still no weird green beverage! We left JP super dejected and kept trying other stores over the course of several weeks- I'm pretty sure it was only on our sixth or seventh attempt that we were able to bring the deliciousness home for girls' night. Like, whaaaat? fix your site, guys (but don't change your tea, it's just as delicious as remembered).

Second, the dress. You might recognize the polka dotty pattern of my fave Dressometry dress? Yep, it's the same dress. I took intro theater last semester and for my final performance-type-thing my character was supposed to be kind of disheveled and clashy, so I layered my two most patterned dresses...but then got a bajillion compliments on my outfit choice when walking to the final. Who could have forseen paisley and polka-dots looking like they belong together?! Clearly, not I. 

 ^shhhh don't question the squatting pics^

While we were biking over to JP even, another biker asked where I got it (while moving!). Aparently I should try more crazy things when it comes to repurposing the items in my closet?

Third and last, this little library. I've driven by this little borrow-a-book-drop-a-book box so many times and always thought it was the cutest idea ever. So, I was super pumped to stop and peruse! Instead of the array I was expecting, I found a box completely full of religious textbooks... hmmm.

Accessory deets!
Watch: c/o Jord

Yeah, this little trip was a weird one! From the case of the missing tea to chatting with strangers on moving modes of transportation to books I don't plan on reading (SO weird, guys!), I can't say I've ever had a day like it before or since. Has anything bizarre happened to you lately? 

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