smilingrid: Travel Tuesday: Thessaloniki, Greece

July 14, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Thessaloniki, Greece

This Travel Tuesday is going to end up being two part, because my trip to Greece was made up of two locations! I hopped on (and off, who knew it was so complicated to get to Greece in the off-season?) a couple planes to get to Thessaloniki, where my very favorite Canadian was studying abroad! 

Honestly, I had the image of the white buildings, blue roofs, and sunny island picture in my head- essentially, I was expecting Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which we watched on my first night in town! If you'd like to read about how my trip to Greece opened my eyes, check out the article I wrote for Kicker's #voices section.

I only ended up staying in Thessaloniki for around 24 hours before catching our flight to the island of Crete (spoiler: Next week's Travel Tuesday!). Laura met me at the airport with an adorable welcome sign, and we caught the bus into the city. After dropping my things, we headed out to find some dinner and grabbed an almost tapas-like meal- beginning my obsession with tzatziki and saganaki!

We debated between the aforementioned Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and My Big Fat Greek Wedding... only to end up watching Gilmore Girls with some Greek wine (what? Laura had never seen it!) and making plans to always have both wine and tzatziki in our shared dorm room when we returned home to BC.

While, unfortunately, many of the historical sites were closed to tourists baklava places like this little corner store were open for business! Ohmygosh this traditional Greek dessert has always been a fav of mine, so having it fresh and in its country of origin was AHmazing!

Laura had classes to attend and I had a paper to write, but we were able to explore the city for much of the following day! There are some really lovely grafiti and architecture scattered amongst the high rises and shops, making for a really cool and mis-matched feel. 

My favorite part of the city was the area around The White Tower- there's this really cool statue made to look like umbrellas and Laura had a miniature version in our room all semester!

Glasses: BonLook
Graphic Tank: Forever 21
Flannel: J.Crew
Leggings: Aerie

I'll go more into depth when it comes to Crete! That post is going to be a doozy- as an island, Crete is a bit closer to what everyone pictures when they think of Greece... so it's pretty darn photogenic!

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