smilingrid: Flashback Friday: Last Year's Fourth of July!

July 03, 2015

Flashback Friday: Last Year's Fourth of July!

In preparation for this year's fourth of July, I thought I'd give a short little flashback to last year's celebrations! 

Kitty, Megan, and Sean drove out to spend some of the holiday weekend at the beach with me. Due to the hurricane warning that was in effect last year, my red in the patriotic look was my rain jacket from BCBG! I love using jeans or chambray for my blue, and a white tee and white converse completed the RWB! 

The other girls had their own patriotic looks as well- Megan with her red shorts and Kitty with her white top and blue jeans and converse. Sean... not so much! Contrary to what you read on blogs and/or see on instagram, not everyone decides to follow the American flag's color scheme.

We drove into the Scituate Harbor area for a brunch at this AH-mazing place that does breakfast all day! I kind of can't believe I didn't post about it last year, but next time we go, I'll be sure to! It's a great little joint, very home-y feeling, and their pancakes are so on point it's unbelievable.

Anywho, we didn't let full bellies or hurrican warnings stop us- into the water we went! Kitty was not about our "madness," so she was relegated to photographer!

Despite what some might call "stupidity," I've always thought swimming during hurricane warnings was an absolute blast! When we were younger, that was when the waves would be the most fun and the water the least cold- we'd spend hours splashing around and body surfing as it drizzled on us. We're in Massachusetts, so it's not like we get the brunt of the hurricane, it really just makes the water more excitable, promise!

Same logic applied last year! There weren't  really any waves (we jumped in before the "hurricane" was anywhere near us!) but the water was nice and it felt very festive/summer-y in the midst of an otherwise "meh" sort of day!

It didn't hurt that there were warm beverages and barbeque waiting when we got out!

Happy (almost) 4th if you're in the US! How do you plan on celebrating?

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