smilingrid: Holiday woes

January 19, 2015

Holiday woes

Before this piece gets completely irrelevant (if it isn't already), here are some thoughts I had regarding holiday blues while I was disconnected from the digital world! There might be more of this kind of post in the wings if it's well-received, so please let me know what you think!

1) Red paint

I decided to be festive and paint my fingertips red. Now, most of my nail polishes are past the expiration date, so I’m very used to a struggle when it comes to getting the color from the tiny brush onto my nails (and half of the skin on my hand, let’s be honest). After cracking open a new bottle of a particularly Christmas-y red, I loaded my weapon appropriately with war paint in preparation for the bloodshed only to… plop. On my mother’s pristine white tablecloth. And that’s not all: after a small eternity of attacking the annoyingly vibrant red splotch, our guests arrived before I could actually paint my nails! Who doesn’t enjoy that vintage bitten-nail look? Classic!

2) Holiday questions

Oooh boy, the internet has a field day with this one. Of course, there’s everyone’s favorite inquiries about single-dom (especially when you tell your ski team that one of the friends who’s coming to visit is male. No he’s not my “boy toy.” Weird that no one insinuated Erin was my “lady love...”).

Then, there were about as many variations on “how was Ireland?!” as possible. At what point does it become acceptable to hand the asker a URL? Never? Are you sure? Darn.

Also, I have apparently reached the part in my college career where I am expected to know what I want to do with the rest of my life. If one more person asks if I plan on using my English major to teach, I will not be held accountable for my actions. Not that I wouldn't love to teach eventually, it’s just that the question is always delivered in a rhetorical way, as if that is the only option feasible. It drives me nuts! OOH! I was also usually standing next to Erin, who does have most of her life plan figured out and is going to save lives through social work. Why are my friends so much cooler than me? (because it gives me something to aspire to and because they’re the most interesting. But still. Ignore me as I pretend whine about something that actually isn’t even remotely a problem…)

3) Staying over a friend’s

I have had much anxiety about this ever since I slept over my friend Catherine’s house in sixth grade. All was well until I tried to open a new bag of cereal and sent individual Frosted Flakes to the far reaches of her kitchen while her mother was watching in mute horror. I still have nightmares *shudder*

However, I was desperate to hang out with my favorite people after months abroad, so I crossed my trembling fingers and hoped for the best. Seemed to work, too!  …until New Years morning when some other guests revealed that our 3AM karaoke was a wee bit louder than we thought. I apologize for your abused ears, good sir.

Note: I also apparently hog the covers, so now I have a whole new factor to stress over!

4)      New year, new hair?

I took the plunge after Christmas and bought myself a block of henna from Lush. My trepidation was simmering until I had friends with me after the New Year. Erin and I each used half a block (and had a BLAST applying it with James as our chemist). Waiting the two and a half hours with drying mud atop our heads was beyond scary given that neither of us had ever tried henna before. Half a movie, a defeated swamp monster in my tub, and a quick towel dry later… not much was different. (note: we tried again last night with a block each and are now much more auburn/ginger/strawberry blonde! woot!)

5)      Unreliable wifi

Yes, I saved the biggest woe for last. It’s also the reason that I don’t know when the world will be reading this… of course I have no wifi riiiight after I resolve to get back to posting on a regular schedule! Darn the universe for working in mysterious ways!!!

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