smilingrid: blogging besties round 1

August 06, 2014

blogging besties round 1

Katie - me - Annaliese - Ashliegh - Ashliegh's adorbs plus-one 

One of my very favorite parts about blogging is the online community we form and the internet friendships I've developed out of it! And when those friendships emerge fully formed into the real world? #obsessed

All of us met up for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory... Ashliegh was a love and put my order in via text since I'm scatterbrained and got the time wrong. Whoops. Thanks, dear!  After dinner, we snapped a pic of the bloggin' gals of the group and said our goodbyes! Annaliese, Katie, and I decided o take some outfit pics in and around the Pru!
oh, and here's a pic of me after I wiped out taking that jumping shot. Oh, clumsiness.

Katie is seriously so talented! She's also just all around my soul sister and I am seriously considering moving to Maine to hang out with Annaliese and her all the time. Go to both of their blogs and leave looooove!

Top- JCrew
Skirt- 344

And on to the accessories!

Necklace- Kate Spade

Bracelets- Kate Spade, NYC themed charm bracelet (found in our attic during the big move!), and the frosted rainbow goodie that I bought in France!

Shoes- My girl Coco always comes though on eBay! My two fave pairs of flats are eBay Chanel! 

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