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May 22, 2014

next steps

What springs to mind when I type the word "graduation?" Probably a high school (or college) senior in a cap and gown, a diploma, some speeches, and adoring family and friends crammed together and flashing cameras in each others' eyes for the perfect shot.  

But, we know its really more than that. It's a bittersweet celebration: an exultant "we did it!" and an uncertain "see you later." It's a major transition for the many names in the pamphlet into adulthood... or putting that off for another four years in pursuit of a degree!

Plus, cap and gown? Not so much for the classy guys of BC High. Tradition dictates they wear white dinner jackets and bowties! They have another tradition that you'll see and laugh about when we get outside...

look at that grin!

And the adoring sister-plus-cousins! I had my camera snapping away, enough that Conor groaned and said I was embarrassing for standing up and drawing attention... but then I pointed at my dad doing the same (and much more conspicuously at that!) and blamed shutterbug genes. 

Plus, we weren't the only ones! Check this little cutie out! She was scampering back and forth from her mom and her brother/cousin/graduate and snapping pics left and right.

John didn't merely walk in his graduation- look at that strut!  

Congrats Class of 2014!

Remember that other traction I mentioned? The graduates all smoke cigars on the front lawn after receiving their diplomas!

My dad joined in because he's a kid at heart! Plus his inclusion allowed me to get this pic, of which I am inordinately proud.

Yay for family pics! Christmas card, anyone?

Charlie is Kitty's little brother and one of John's best friends...

and, lucky me, I got to find my bestie among the pungent smoke!

The best part? Both lil bros are following us to BC!

I am so proud of John. My little brother has done so much of which I can go all proud sister, so I'm not going to try and list them all! All I can promise is that I will let him find his own path at BC (I have to at first, I'm going to be out of the country in the fall! Helpful that it removes the possibility of helicopter-ing... Even if I've already asked James to keep an eye out for him. whoops) and that I will always be there for him for whatever he needs.

Congrats again, John! YOU DID IT!

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