smilingrid: #HStoHC (part six!)

May 02, 2014

#HStoHC (part six!)

This sixth (and final!) recap of the Her Campus Pre-Collegiette Conference is all about fashion, so why not start off with some cousin outfit posts!

Emma went with a purple tribal skirt, a white top, flop flops, and a Victoria Secret PINK sweatshirt. She paired her purple look with some awesome jewelry!

My lil' cuz is turning into quite the fashionista!

Cousin pic!

I paired my sweatshirt dress from Madewell (last seen here!) with a scarf as a belt and a blazer.


I wore my favorite gold accessories- my Chanel flats and Kitty's J.Crew giraffe necklace (which I may or may not have loved enough to buy my own... find yours here!)

And, of course, my favorite accessory- my new camera!

Before the college do's and don't's fashion show could begin, pre-collegiettes and bloggers had to enter any last social media posts for points!

Then Windsor could take it away!

the gym

No longer are soffes and HUGE tees acceptable! The gym is fun and you can choose to look nice while there! But, if you're like my roommates and I, those soffes can be swapped out for Nike shorts and you can call it good. I wish I had enough money to spend on revamping my gym outfits, but it's better to go with what you have than to not go at all.

We had a lovely model to show her cute tank, pink sneaks, and a LeSportsac bag to be won!

school apparel

We know it's tempting to buy out the entire school store and then wear it all at once. We know you go to that school, we know you're excited about it...but contain yourself. Otherwise, "you'll look like a freshman."

Max number of 2 school sponsored items per post! Her tee and hat are paired with her colored jeans and leopard flats to still look fashionable and cute.

Your schools hat will always look cute and understated- it shows you really love your school, but that personal style is up there on the "things that are important to me" list (especially when paired with a cute peplum top!)


You can have one loose object and one tight object of clothing. Do not go tight all over. Bad.

Abercrombie is for middle/high school. Buy brands that are geared towards an older audience, or get that hoodie you've been eyeing at the school store!

Yay! No dress code! No uniform! Let's go crazy!
... not so much.
This is fine for a night out... but not for class. You WILL give the wrong impression.

Instead, cute pairs of jeans paired with cute tops, sweaters and jeans make great choices! Leggings with riding boots and a longer top are also cute and comfy. As the weather gets warmer- shorts, skirts, and dresses will start to pop up in class rooms. These are perfect, as long as you remember to follow the one tight, one loose rule!
(also, don't mix seasons- for example: UGGs and shorts? No.)

formal wear

Don't bring your prom dress to college. If your school has socials, see if you can figure out what students wear to them ahead of time (it won't be prom dresses, sorry) and dress accordingly!

professional wear

Don't wear your mock trial get up. That's no fun! Mix your personal style in there while remaining appropriate for internships or shadowing!

The tied red blouse and leopard flats really make this outfit, don't you think? The skirt is also super cute while being both long enough and fitted enough!

Dresses (and pockets!) are always a good idea when long enough! Her skinny belt accentuates her waist and the statement bag really adds to the whole professional look.

Let's hear it for our models!

and then, it was time for all the drumrolls! Raffle time! Woo hoo!

Emma and I wrote out all of our tickets for maximum quickness in finding the right numbers!

Chipotle catering cards (#drooling)

Semirah won the Jack Rogers!

bags on bags from LeSportsac!

TECHNOLOGY! (heads up, this section is fun!)

LOOKIT! I won another tablet! I couldn't even handle myself I was giggling and making jokes about my luck. I mean, I'll take it :) My family is really excited for me to come home from BC now!

We got all the HCBN ladies together (including the lovely Quinn from the Her Campus office who does such a great job with out beloved network!)

Her Campus Bloggers winning large!

...and being goofy!

Walking to the car laden with goodies and information, you could say it was a good day!

What do you think of my #HStoHC coverage? I'd love to get any feedback you have or hear any stories you have from the day (if you were there)!  


  1. This looks like so much fun! I wish I could've gone! :)


  2. This looks like it was super fun! Congrats on winning!!

  3. It was a blast! I got a ton out of it, and I wasn't even the target audience :) MY lil' pre-collegiette had a great time too!

  4. Thank you so much, Beth! I was such an awesome day and experience!

  5. Congrats on winning the tablet! Looks like fin, I've always wanted to go to one of their conferences!

  6. If you get the chance- DO! They're so fun :)

  7. I love both of your outfits! I just bought similar glasses haha :) Congrats on the second tablet!

    xo, Hima

    Hima Hearts

  8. I love that you turned your scarf into belt! Seriously obsessed with your style

    xo, Amanda
    Brunette with a Bow

  9. Haha thanks Hima! My mom says to give the tablet to my dad for father's day- seems legit- so I actually have a plan for it! Hope you like the glasses #twinningbloggers

  10. Amanda you're making me bluuuush (especially because I'm a bit obsessed with yours- that neon post though <3 ) :D

  11. What a cute idea! When I was a freshmen, I definitely bought out the entire school store and would wear my sweat pants and sweat shirt on my way to class on the days I felt extra lazy. My roommates and I used to joke that it was our "school jumpsuit". Thanks for stopping by my page yesterday - I'm happy to meet your blog!

  12. Thanks for returning the visit! I love meeting new blogging buds :)
    I'm pretty sure this advice also applies to the dreaded "groutfit" (all gray sweat suit)... why must they be so darn comfy!?

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love to hear from my readers. Would you like to follow each other?