smilingrid: fresh faced

May 01, 2014

fresh faced

So, I don't usually do "empties" posts (because I usually post about the things when I first get them and wouldn't want to repeat myself), but I'm doing one today, for one reason only...


Lush offers a FREE face mask when you bring in five clean and recyclable pots. As a MAJOR fan of Lush, this wasn't too difficult for me to complete!


Leaning tower of cosmetic awesome!

In store, they have this little mask section


...that kinda looks like sushi. Is it bad that I want to eat it all?
(especially the one that smells like a cupcake!)

They keep the little pots in a mini-fridge to maximize freshness!

I ended up getting this lovely green mess to slop on my face when finals own my sanity! More formal review to come, possibly once I get that-soon-to-be-lost-commodity back!

Have you tried any Lush masks? This section is the one part of the store that I haven't ventured into yet, so I'm preeetty excited!


  1. SERIOUSLY. I love Lush. I use the Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser and it is my favorite.

  2. THE BEST! I want the entire store, it's such a problem!