smilingrid: Pinch Me and Gevalia Mocha Review

April 11, 2014

Pinch Me and Gevalia Mocha Review

Packages, packages, packages! If you guys have learned anything new about me recently, it was probably that I love me some mail!

Many lovely ladies from the Her Campus Blogger Network were posting about a new subscription service called Pinch Me, so I thought I'd give it a try! It's basically a trial of selected products (that are released every Tuesday at noon)... did I mention that it's free? 'Cause it is- shipping and all!

"PINCHme promises to SURPRISE, PINCHme promises to DELIGHT, PINCHme promises CONVERSATION"
I like all three of these things- let's see if they delivered!

This first box delivered some Gevalia mocha to my door (well, my mail room).

The cocoa powder goes into the mug...

...and then you brew the Kuerig coffee as you normally would!

Action shot!

Feast your eyes on the frothy chocolate-y goodness!

Even Batman enjoys a good cup of Gevalia mocha latte!
(okay, so Batman probably drinks black coffee. BUT, Bruce Wayne would totally try this for funsies, and to keep up his appearance of frivolous billionaire playboy!)

Hugs for mugs?

I liked the Gevalia Mocha... but I think I can make my own version more to my taste. I like bitter, dark chocolate, and this was more milk/light chocolate. But, hey, free caffeinated beverage!

Have you tried Pinch Me? If not, you totally should!


  1. First of all, the Batman shirt? YES! I want to try PinchME, I think I'll go sign up right now!

  2. I have SO MANY superhero t-shirts and it makes me happy :) geek out over all the things! Have fun with Pinch Me! Free things always for the win!

  3. I got the same sample from PinchMe last month. I really liked drinking it at work. Since there is no refrigerated liquid coffee creamer there, like I normally would like, this taste w/ latte foam was a good substitute :)

  4. That drink looks delicious and I hadn't heard of PinchMe but just signed up! Thanks, looks so fun.

    xx Sarah
    Loser Girl Wins // Bloglovin

  5. I'm so glad it was to your liking! It was quite yummy, I must concur :)

  6. YAY PinchMe buds! Hope you have as much with it as I am :)