smilingrid: true love (accessory edition)

March 16, 2014

true love (accessory edition)

 Just me re-reading my favorite novel, as you do.

Kate Spade creates these gorgeous book clutches in an ever-changing collection. I've wanted the Pride and Prejudice one (for obvious reasons) since it was first on their website years ago. But, alas, it disappeared from the shelves (ahem, stores)! So, when it reappeared in a valentine's day flash sale, it only took another few hours- on top of the years already worked through- to decide to splurge on it.

The face of pure JOY! 
"In spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness"
Lizzie + Darcy 4eva

Just look at how beautiful it is! 

 Sweater (old, H&M)- Jeans- Shoes (similar)- BAG!!! (similar and BEAUTIFUL)
I just happened to have the perfect ribbon on hand to make my clutch into a shoulder bag at a moment's notice! (thanks, mom)

While I have you here and interested in my favorite book, I figured I'd also showcase my abso-freakin-lutely adorable P&P buttons!


  1. I saw the version of this for The Great Gatsby, and LOVED it! HCXO


  2. So classy and cute! It has a nice retro feel to it, also.

    xo, TCG

  3. I'm a bit obsessed... which I'm sure came through in the post :) Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  4. The Gatsby one is gorgeous! I just scrolled through all of the ones they have now... why must I want all of the expensive things?! Why are they all so very pretty?

  5. I'm glad you (and your sister) like it :) It's my favorite book and now my favorite accessory!

  6. I'm in LOVE! Kate Spade can do no wrong! I wish there was a To Kill a Mocking Bird one!

  7. so different than anything i have ever seen and i love it! so cute! xx

  8. Thanks Elise! I find myself making outfits with the singular object of sing this clutch :) seems like a good idea, no?

  9. Right?! Maybe they will in the next collection! In the mean time, etsy has a version or two :)

  10. oh my goodness! that is just too cute! <3 They are so expensive...but I need one.

  11. It's such a real problem! I feel you! haha


  12. I'm so glad everyone here seems to agree :) why so pretty and costly? *tears*

  13. Oh my God, that it's so cool! My sister love that book, and she loved this (So jealous) haha.