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March 05, 2014

sneak peek

Guys. I thought I only liked them when we met... I mean, I knew there was more beneath the surface but I wasn't sure that I'd ever get to see the layers (like onions and ogres)... But now I'm getting to know them better and I can safely say... I'm falling in love with THE HAVEN SERIES

Mwahaha. Gotcha?

I started reading Revenge of the Viper, the second book in the series (first book review here) as a reward for getting through my week from hades.

And. I. Love. It!

I was keeping some super amusing notes as I was reading along (well, I thought they were funny. But I'm sleep deprived and school addled so I'm not the best judge right now) and I thought- why not share this with my favorite people in the world (hint:my readers a.k.a. YOU GUYS)? So, in case you've ever wanted to see the inner workings of my brain (and even if you haven't), here are my thoughts... completely unedited and doodled upon!


I'm really darn excited about it!

oh my gosh the spiderssss. Ron Weasley would NOT be pleased. there and it was trying to get out"
creepy, huh?

Alisa is a magical boss. Just so you're aware!

I'll post the real review when I get back from Applachia!

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