smilingrid: glasses galore

March 27, 2014

glasses galore

Remember how much I love my glasses? Warby Parker changed the face of... well, my face!
And I love them for it! Buuuut I really wanted to play with all of the other toys! SO, I headed over to their website and took advantage of their "try at home" option!
Because...'s awesome!

And it comes in cute packaging!


What do you think of my choices?

Begley in Cedar Tortoise

Marcel in Aurora

Mallory in Gimlet Tortoise

Lyle in English Oak

Downing in Walnut Tortoise

The Downing were my favorite! I've missed having tortoise glasses, but really like the shape of my trusty Percies! But, alas, buying a new pair is not yet in the cards for me.

Well, except for these!


  1. I think Lyle & Marcel look best on you, just my opinion...although..they are all pretty adorable!

  2. Thanks, Ellie! I appreciate you and your opinions greatly :) It's so very hard to choose a favorite, since I love all the Warby Parker frames! oh, well, *shrugs* what can ya do?

  3. They all are so pretty!!! but my favourite was Marcel, the best.

  4. Really digging the Mallory and the Marcel!

  5. Makes me wish I wore glasses all the time! Thanks for linking up to Tea Party Tuesday!

  6. Thanks Daniela! I'm glad you approve of my choices :D

  7. And Marcel takes the lead! Thanks, Taylor :)

  8. I'm the opposite- I'm terrible at wearing my contacts! I love tea party tuesday :)

  9. Those all look so cute! Begley, Mallory and Downing were my favorites :D I wish I could pull off round glasses but, alas, I have to settle for admiring them on others :P

  10. Thanks, friend! I wish I could get allll the glasses! I'm sure you could pull of anything you wanted to :P