smilingrid: Erin!

March 30, 2014


First up, we have the lovely Erin!

She paired Majestical's beautiful statement necklace with a long sleeved white v-neck, jeans, and riding boots. The simplicity of her outfit allows the necklace to really pop, don't you think?

Ain't she a cutie?

Erin has a wonderful singing voice (though she only directs it at her shower head).

See that face? That is the face of a girl whose psyche is deeply disturbed by cheese.

She's also one tough cookie- even with three brothers, Erin always emerges victorious!

Thanks for helping me out with this, darling! You were a stellar model and our photoshoot in the lounge was an absolute blast (even if the chick studying didn't think so). I appreciate you for many reasons- obviously including our shared obsession with Pride and Prejudice- and this list is ever getting longer! I love you!

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