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March 12, 2014

cookie butter

The jars speak for me! Trader Joe's Cookie Butter is my favorite thing... and I may or may not have infected a roommate or two with the obsession. Personally, I think this makes me a wonderful friend! It's made from crushed up cookies, in the same way peanut butter is made from crushed up peanuts. Surprisingly enough, when you compare the two spreads, the main advantage peanut butter has is that it contains more protein. The rest of those pesky numbers  were pretty much the same!

(you should probably try some and share the love, just sayin')

It comes in three variations, and because I'm ridiculous I was curious, I ordered all three from amazon when my singular jar from TJ's ran out. 

Backlit by angels!

The Crunchy Cookie Butter has little spheres of bigger cookie pieces mixed in with he smoothness of the original version. They are both made of happiness and deliciousness. Bookended by these beauteous choices is the cocoa swirl- the perfect mix between extra chocolate-y Nutella and my darling Speculoos. 

This post has kickstarted my cravings. Peace out, I'm getting a spoonful of cookie (you should too).

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