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March 14, 2014

actually addicted

The Luck of the Irish must be strong with all of you, because you get two posts today! Woo hoo! 

As you might've been able to tell during the GlamST post earlier, I was shocked that I hadn't posted about my Dior Addict Lip Glow (seriously spot on advertising- as the title says, I am utterly addicted) yet! my reasons are twofold- firstly, because I use  it all the dang time and secondly because I had already taken the pictures! They've just been chilling on my computer since I bought the product! Sorry, friends. 

pictures taken in my bathroom, which I'm sure is exactly what you were hoping for!

Pretty awesome packaging, as to be expected from Dior! We have a family friend who works for this illustrious company (which I kind of mentioned here, for any of you who have stuck around for that long!), so I may have a case of brand loyalty.


My boy Christian doesn't miss any aspect of the design. From the outer box to the inner packaging, it's hands down my favorite balm. Just look at the cute little "CD" and the engraved "Dior!" J'adore especially (some Franglish for you!) how the translucent pink casing mimics the effect of the balm- it's sheer but enhances the pinkness of your lips!

The whole thing is crazy to me. I think it has something to do with your skin's Ph... but I just say it's magic and go on with my life. Not only does it create a gorgeously unique shade, it also hydrates your lips and makes you feel like a million bucks! Looks good, feels good- what more could you want?

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend! I have a whole bunch of posts planned for the near future, some recently rediscovered (like this one)and some new and exciting (like that giveaway I keep telling you all about!)! Stay tuned and check back frequently- who knows, there could be another multi-post day in our future!

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