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March 21, 2014

a handful of happy

Let's just say that yesterday wasn't the best day for me. Oooh boy, that test really knocked me for a loop! I'm a pretty laid back character (a cool cat and/or cucumber, if you will), but this test not only made me shed a few tears, it also made my stomach physically ache. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

But you know what got me back into my usual sunshine-y mood? No? Well, I'm going to tell ya!

1) the test is now over and can no longer cause me pain!

2) watching and reading some Pride and Prejudice (because, obsession)

3) burritos off campus with some of my favorite people ever (this selfie speaks for itself)

4) sour patch watermellons left on my bed by a wonderful roommate (ERIN I LOVE YOU)

5) blogger buds. For several reasons.

     a) Laura! We've been emailing because of entries for my giveaway and are planning on becoming snail mail pen pals! (she's my favorite)
     b) collaboration time, come on! Dun nununun nun nun nun nun COME ON! WOO HOO! Ahem, Vanessa of A City Girl's Guide to Life did a Summer Style Preview with mah pictures and fun facts!!! I'm wicked excited about this, check out the post here!
     c) I woke up to this tweet from Her Campus!
...which has introduced me to some awesome Boston bloggers who I get to meet next week at a Her Campus event!

So, yeah! What's made you happy today? Other than it being National Puppy Day, because that doesn't even need to be stated, I already feel your joy. 

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