smilingrid: valentine

February 15, 2014


I hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day! It gets rather polarized as a holiday, between couples and single folk, but I really think it's a beautiful thing- to have a day dedicated to love. Whether it's a romantic love or not is up to you (you do you, boo boo as Laura says) but please don't forget the people who love you without any promise of romance. Don't forget your family, your friends, or the communities of which you are a part.

I am lucky enough to receive reminders of affection from such people! I traded geeky valentine's texts with Cara (did you know there are Teen Wolf themed ones? I love my buddy who likes all the same weird stuff that I do!), let my roommates know that I love them (like every other day), and wished all the friends I passed a "Happy Valentine's day!"

...Oh, and I also got a package or two!

impatience usually takes over when I'm walking back from the mail center! I knew it was from my high school, but I didn't know what it was- they were sneaky, though, and wrapped the gift inside of the mailingr envelope!

Cute, huh? It has my school name written on the other side and is the perfect size to hold my lipstick collection! I love that my school sends things like this, just as little "thinking of you even though you're not here anymore" gifts. Last year, we got teacups and tea to survive our first finals! I loved loved loved my high school experience, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that the affection is returned!

I brought my momma lunch a few days before V-day (since I received a text requesting food and my presence). After skipping across campus with some sammiches, My mom gave me a big red, pink, and sparkly bag chock full of goodies! 

the homemade card was a nice touch, you gotta admit!

There were also chocolates and a magazine, but I thought these were the cutest aspects.

She roasted the almonds herself to make this delicious treat of looove... it was so yummy as a result that we ate the entire jar within 24 hours. Good job mom!

whatever could it be?

Who knows me well? I'm convinced that my parents buy me notebooks whenever they don't know what to get me. Not that I mind! I will always be ecstatic to receive a vessel for my words and thoughts.

I hope your days were filled with as many different types of love as they could possibly be!


  1. That notebook is adorable! The problem is whenever I buy a really cute notebook I'm too hesitant to use it because I dont want to ruin it lol

  2. Haha very true! For me, it's just the first page that I worry about looking nice- after that my handwriting devolves into a messsss

  3. Oh wow your mom is awesome - and the notebook is really pretty :D Happy Valentine's Day (a bit late)!

  4. I agree that Valentine's Day should be a celebration of love for everyone! My friends and I made Valentines for each other and it was really nice :) Your notebook is so pretty!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. yeah, she's some kind of wonderful :) Happy belated valentine's day to you too, dear!

  6. That sounds like a blast! I gave Iron Man cards to my roommates (because RDJ and I really wanted the superhero pencil :D)