smilingrid: happy October!

October 01, 2013

happy October!

October means changing leaves, pumpkin patches, and warm apple cider. It means shorter days and chillier nights. It means we get to thrill ourselves and each other with  creepy tales and spooky tricks. There's also usually candy lying around. Gosh, I love Halloween! 

While my professor seems to have gotten our syllabus a bit mixed around (we just finished Dracula, but were starting Heart of Darkness as an October read?! No, wrong) I am super psyched about his class and a wee bit obsessed with Bram Stoker. 

Can you believe that I'd never read Dracula before? I'm angry with Stephanie Meyer (for many reasons, but I'll limit myself) for making me feel disgust towards vampires before I had ever felt the urge to read this original story. There are no sparkly monsters here, oh no! Here there be real monsters! And character development! And a real plot! Oh my! 

Like I said, wee bit obsessed. But I won't ruin it for any of you who (like me) avoided vampire stories for fear of glitter. Here's a picture of me hugging my book, in case you need proof of our love.

I leave you with a question about Twilight, one that has bothered me since I read the back of the um "novel."

How did all of these vampires deal with going to highchool, when at any one time at least one girl would be on her period? Forks should legitimately be single gendered at this point. Grrrrr plot holes. 

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