smilingrid: tea time!

September 22, 2013

tea time!

I have a bit of a tea obsession (recap here and tea party here, for you new folks!). It escalates when I'm at school- especially now that my dorm is air-condition created snuggle weather. Unfortunately, when I tried to have Laura fall in love with my tea, she just couldn't. While she loved the smell of the TV themed loose-leaf, tea seems too watery in comparison to our beloved coffee or hot chocolate.

The other day, when we had our little outing, we ended up being tempted over to a Teavana by the samples offered just outside the doors. Laura took one sip and turned to me with an incredulous look on her face. "I like this," she said. In we went!

It feels almost like a bookstore in there! Very warm and inviting, and like timeless flavors (not stories, in this case) line the walls. I could spend hours perusing.

Instead of hours, we just grabbed what we had tasted (I think this and this)- why mess with perfection?- and simultaneously picked out these almost matching tins. The sales girls called us "the cutest roomies" to ever grace their store. I mean, I'm not going to argue. I like that title!

Proud Mama taking pics of baby's first tea purchase!

Giddy to go home to a cup of tea!

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