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September 25, 2013

nugget of color

On Laura and I's recent outing(my last three posts), I popped into Sephora to see if they had a point prize-y thing that had sold out online. Can you guess what it was? Urban Decay lipstick!

I've never tried Urban Decay anything before, but I'm all for free lipstick (*cough*obsession*cough*) so in we went and out we came- victorious!

They very kindly circled the shade I received... just in case!

Big claims! I very rarely feel "badass"... which, if we're being honest, isn't all that unexpected from a girl who defines herself as "an Ingrid in the process of smiling"

How cute is that little nugget?

The color I was given is Catfight, described as a "pink-fuschia with light red undertone"
That sums it up nicely, I think!

I honestly thought this shade would be pretty similar to my fancy looking Anthropologie shade, Cerise. I wasn't super excited at first as a result of this. BUT! Then I tried it on! The lipstick is super pigmented and smooth, plus the color is way more red and dark than the one I own... but in a flattering way! 

I don't know if I can let myself buy new lipstick right now (I've already got quite the stash...), but next time I purchase one there is a good chance it will be from Urban Decay! Well done, folks!

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