smilingrid: pre-beach

August 23, 2013


A whole bunch of my extended family has flown in to good old MA for an end of summer reunion. My aunt lives near the water (remember the 4th of July?), so we followed the water's insistent whispering of our names... but not before my mom and I made a pit-stop for snacks!

Aaaaand while in the super market, my mom wanted to compete with my dad for the title of official photographer of the blog. 

It happens.

Dress (actually hiked up maxi skirt, shhh)- Victoria's Secret

It is so comfortable and flattering, plus you can find one at a much lower price if you share my ebay obsession!

peek-a-boo swimsuit!

...and again

sneakers- Gap

I didn't have anything against cheetah before some moron decided that making it neon was a good idea. My eyes! They burned! I'm still healing, so these ridiculously comfortable darlings are my tentative toe-dipping into animal prints (courtesy of the family and friends discount I mentioned here).

sugar high, anyone?

sunnies- last seen here

I'm loving these aviators at the moment! Nothing beats classic and universally flattering shades.

 The beach is that-a-ways, so off we went!

Bonus: daily dosage of Harry Potter love


  1. Haha I love to roam around stores but haven't been that lucky to have snap-it-all dad.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. me too! Haha my parents are some kind of wonderful!