smilingrid: going for gold

August 21, 2013

going for gold

 Like a vast number of people worldwide, I have a bit of an obsession with Chanel. Both the woman and the brand inspire this sense of awe and wonder- Coco is a complete mystery of lies and misdirection while her clothes remain timeless after changing the course of fashion forever!

I never really thought I'd be lucky enough to own anything adorned by those iconic interlocking Cs, but I stumbled upon an amazing pair of metallic loafers on ebay! I can hardly believe they are now in my closet.

My dad decided to lend me a hand in taking pictures of my first time wearing these lovelies!

oh, how they shine!

t shirt- Madewell (again, last seen here)

You know how I love my ballerina spins!
new favorite skirt- Free People (on final sale in stores!)

shades- Marc New York
(also- pocketspocketspockets)

A different kind of golden joined the picture-taking part of the way through. My puppy definitely steals the show! 

 Stay gold, my dears! 
None of you would happen to be named "Ponyboy," would you?


  1. I definitely LOVE Coco stuff , even the quotes . I am pretty much hooked up with this golden pair , lucky ya ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. I feel the same! She's just so COOL :) trust me, I feel lucky! They're just so pretty!