smilingrid: getting cheeky

August 03, 2013

getting cheeky

I know that I've already told you (probably more than once...) about my adoration for lipstick. There's just something so lovely about those little tubes and drawing attention to your smile with a pop of color is never a bad thing!

Well, I've recently discovered another way to add a little color to my pretty darn pale self: blush!

But folks, this ain't your mother's blush! Powder confuses the heck outta me! I can never seem to use a powder blush without looking clownish or getting it everywhere. The blushes I've fallen in love with are more of a gel or stain and completely idiot-proofed for me!

You apply these by smiling. As your grinning from ear to ear, apply a little of your chosen color to the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingers along your cheek bones towards your ears. They all work like this, but Fine One One has an extra stipulation- turn the stick so that the lightest shade is up and swipe away!

Pretty in pink, right?


  1. These products seem so awesome , loving the vibrant shades. Pretty with pink :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Thanks! They are kind of fun, aren't they? :)


  2. Love the look of the fine one one :)

    Lovely blog would love you to follow mine back :)

    Frankie xxx

    1. Hi Frankie!
      Definitely following, I love your blog after clicking through :)
      Thanks for joining here!