smilingrid: get me to campus

August 30, 2013

get me to campus

Fall is in the air, my friends! The edge of crispness once the sun goes down, the slightly different feel of the sunshine, the baited breath as the leaves prepare to turn... all classic indicators that we are turning the corner into fall!

Well, moving back to school today is also pretty helpful in that respect...

(Disclaimer- none of these pictures are mine. They were found using Google search.)

Fall at BC means beauty. Our campus was made for those ever shifting colors and the crispest of the days. The buildings and the grounds, even our school colors of maroon and gold, everything is complimented by the changing colors of the leaves. Don't get me wrong, BC is beautiful all year round (think "Hogwarts"), but there's just something about fall that amplifies it.

Fall at BC means football. While we aren't the greatest football team around, it's almost as if the fans don't know that sad fact. We turn up in waves of brightly hued goldenrod, jump and cheer (especially my wonderful roomie, who is on the dance team!), and basically have a fun afternoon. It's less about football and more about the community- students, athletes, coaches and fans- all in one stadium and visually set apart from our opponents by our proud maroon and gold.

Fall at BC means classes. Fall anywhere means the start of classes, but I've never been more psyched about school work than I have been so far at BC. College allows you to narrow down your classes immensely, to take courses that you love obsessively. I get to feel passionate about my choices... someone remind me of this post when I'm moaning about finals, okay? We can share a good laugh and maybe I'll remember why I signed up for them in the first place!

Fall at BC means friends. Summer is grand, as every student and everyone who has ever been a student knows. It's wonderful and you get time to relax... but it both drags by and flies away. Within a couple of weeks of being home, you fully realize that summer means you aren't surrounded by friends. You don't live with a hallway full of people your own age, you don't joke with friends before class, you don't text everyone you know to get a meal filled with laughter and people talking over and around each other. Even with family and friends from home, it is the most alone you've been all year. I don't mind a little me time, but I absolutely love being surrounded by all of my amazing buds!

Fall at BC means so many things. This post means I'm itching to dive into it.


  1. What a beautiful campus!! I love fall in general. It especially is beautiful around church and University grounds, as well as farmer's markets.

    1. I completely agree! Can't wait for the leaves to start turning :)

  2. Enjoy keep the blogs coming love them