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August 19, 2013

box o' summer

I can't believe that I'm going back to school very very soon! Summer has been a bit of a whirlwind, a mix of summer jobs, family time, and catching up on sleep. I'm a bit torn between dying to go back and clutching fast to the relaxation part...

In order to extend my summer a bit, I excitedly ordered a "Beach Box" from LUSH when I saw them online! Unfortunately, they aren't on the website any longer but I have seen a few in stores. Go and grab one if you want to take a little bit of summer into the fall with you! 

They packed this adorable baby full of their summer-inspired greatest hits...

...and rainbow packing peanuts!

Ocean Salt (already raved about here) - Dream Cream (helps with sunburn) - Sea Spray (for gorgeous beachy waves) - Seanik (salty baby shampoo bar) - Sea Vegetable Soap (for squeaky clean skin)

Ocean Salt leaves skin amazingly soft and visibly brightened. It's tough love for my skin as the sea salt is super exfoliating. I wouldn't use it as a daily cleanser, but I do like it as a treat every now and then!

Dream Cream feels amazing on my skin! I didn't initially like the smell, which is more chemical-y than most LUSH products. It has since grown on me, but still isn't a favorite. I love using it on my legs and tiny globs stretch to cover their entire lengths!

Unfortunately with how incredibly straight my hair is, I don't get beachy waves for very long with just this product. Despite not having the waves, Sea Spray does add volume and shine to my cropped locks and I love how it smells!

Seanik was my first dipping of the toe into the shampoo bars at LUSH. Before purchasing this box, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of these little bars. Now I have been converted! You just need to stroke the bar over your hair and it lathers like regular shampoo! The shampoo bars at LUSH smell wonderful- my all time very favorite scent from this store is the Godiva shampoo bar (a favorite from LUSH is a big deal for me seeing as I could happily own every single one of their products). 

The Sea Vegetable Soap is more than your average soap! It actually has seaweed and salt as a sort of crust to give a truly amazing scrub!

I am so happy with my Beach Box purchase! The sizes were small enough for trying products I was interested in, while still big enough to last a decent amount of time. If you want to try some products of a comparable size, their current kit can be found here!

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