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July 09, 2013

seriously questioning

Can we please talk about something that has been driving me crazy for years?

The impossibility of finding the perfect white tee.

WHY IS IT SO HARD?! It actually drives me nuts, completely bonkers, up a wall... you name it, I'm driven to feel it.

For something that is so simple, arguably effortless, trying to get it right shouldn't be a nightmare!

Now, these ladies have it right!

(I searched "white tee" on pinterest for these images!)

I've been obsessed with imitating this chic look for such a long time! This was my first fashion inkling before I even developed a style of my own.

I've tried so many different brands, looking for a t-shirt that wasn't sheer while remaining soft and flattering. Despair is near!

I've recently put an order in to petit bateau (white tee on sale here! I chose the panacotta one) and am waiting with baited breath for it to arrive! Everyone seems to think they are the best for basics- including Ines de la Fressange in her book! Fingers crossed that everyone is right!

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