smilingrid: for my dad

June 16, 2013

for my dad

Happy Father's Day everyone! Tell your Dad you love him, alright?

I was looking through old pictures to put together an illustrated list of all the ways my dad has helped me grow through the years, and figured I might as well put some of my favorites on here! This way, my infinite love and gratitude can be immortalized by the internet!

Apparently, I was a very fussy baby... something you'd never know looking at the pictures! My parents were always so happy and loving, adding up to an amazing childhood.

I guess my dad taught me about beer? Move that bottle over and give me the good stuff, sir!

My dad really encouraged my love of reading (even before I could actually read). Look at how psyched I was, on the beach and with a newspaper to play with!

He's taught me an appreciation of mechanized vehicles that has culminated today in the washing, buffing, and waxing of his car! (and in our beautiful 1990 Mercedes 300 SL that I got to drive to school my senior year of high school *grin*)

This one is my favorite! Thank you for teaching me how to fly (with a little help).

He taught me a love - nay, an obsession! - with the cold and winter activities.

He took my brother and I on adventures, and when we (very rarely) couldn't go out and find one, he would spin crazy tales tied in with whatever we were doing - car or chairlift rides, before bed on camping trips, snow or rain storms, became the most exciting, edge-of-your-seat, nail biting experience! Those stories are some of my most treasured childhood memories that I will carry with me always.

He taught me how to get to the tippy top... and to be proud of myself for getting there.

He was my Superman growing up. I honestly could not have thought up a better father, and I love him so so so much. Here's to you, Daddy. Happy Father's Day!