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June 23, 2013

e.l.f. sale

e.l.f. stands for eyes lips face, a rediculously inexpensive makeup company. While I wouldn't recommend all of their products carte blanche, I would recommend using their products to test a certain type of makeup before buying the better quality, pricier version.

I received and email from e.l.f. advertizing a 50% off their already low prices and you know how I feel about half off! I decided it was time to test out some cream eyeliner.

I've been hoping to try cream liner for a while now, as I'm clumsy with a stick and an unmitigated disaster with liquid. Because of this, I decided to turn to the cream version to appease my eyeliner envy (Grace, who has already joined my adventures here on the blog, does absolutely gorgeous wing tips and I want to try for some vintage flair myself!)


I ended up putting three in my shopping cart. Online shopping can be dangerous, but with the half off code it was completely safe *whew*

Each little pot comes with an itty bitty brush! How cute are they?

I got navy to (hopefully) bring out the blue in my eyes, which shift from green to blue to everything in between!

Of course, I had to get a classic black...

and an equally classic brown, a less harsh lining for my blonde-haired, fair-skinned self!

With my eyeliner curiosity satiated, I popped over to their best-sellers page to see what I could find!

I am always up for trying new acne treatments, especially if they are easy ones! I have never seen a powder for blemish removal, so we'll see how it works out! This one also came with a little brush, which is great because I'd have no idea which brushes to use, for the powder or for the eyeliner! It also acts to dissguise what you cover, but I doubt I'd use it for my only cover up.

While in the face section of "eyes lips face" I also decided to try out two of their concealers (that only coverup, no acne correction here): one liquid and one powder.

They are both fine but not the greatest cover ups I've ever used.I'm planning to try experimenting with my other coverups to see if mixing them leads to a more seamless cover. (by the way, the liquid one smells exactly like fruity pebbles cereal which is something you should know upfront... how strange is that?)

I couldn't resist heading to my favorite section: LIPS!

This seems like a cool idea! To get rid of chapped skin and/or just make lips baby soft, e.l.f. makes a lip exfoliator. There are a lot of round components stuck in this, held together by an unpigmented, very sweet tasting and smelling balm. It really does leave your lips smooth, I think I'll start using this before putting on my lipstick!

These got rave reviews on the e.l.f. website so I thought, "hey, why not?" and added them as well.

I bought the matte lip color in Rich Red and Coral, and was unfortunately dissapointed in both. They are wicked matte, so much so that they show every line in your lips and both look and feel like clay. Plus, the colors are not exactly the greatest. The coral especially bummed me out, because the website made it look more pink and it went on nearly orange!

I almost trashed them when I remembered a trick for an extra long-lasting pout that I had seen (where else?) on pinterest. The internet people suggest coloring your lips in with lip liner of a similar shade before applying your lipstick to make it richer and longer lasting. while not technically a lip liner, the red works wonderfully with my Revlon shade, fire and ice! I haven't tested out the coral with my pinks yet, but my fingers are crossed that I can find some use for it!

I also decided to try their tubes of regular lipstick, with a bit better luck. I bought three of their $1 "e.l.f. essential lipsticks" in sociable, fearless, and gypsy, as well as one $5 "e.l.f. mineral mineral lipstick" (I don't know why the "mineral" is repeated...)in rich raspberry. The "essential" ones smell like sugary cereal, similar to the concealer and I'm not sure how secure the caps are, for a heads up!

Fearless is reminiscent of my Revlon fire and ice shade that I mentioned above. Gypsy and rich raspberry are pretty similar, but the mineral is nicer than the essential. While they won't replace my other lipsticks as favorites, they work well enough considering their price!

e.l.f. (thankfully) always has different promotions going on their website! If you're interested in trying out some of their hit-or-miss products, you can check them out here.

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