smilingrid: another pink drink

June 19, 2013

another pink drink

Remember that extremely refreshing and exceedingly simple pink drink "recipe" I shared with you lovely folks before heading down the Cape with Colleen?

My mom decided to one up me.

(I think my dad also got one while they were out and thought it was real good, but the other reason is funnier *overly exaggerated wink*)

We made some of these while waiting for my extended family to arrive, while our fish was a chillin in the fridge, just waiting to be made into fish tacos.

My mom cut up some fresh strawberries and threw them into her fancy little mashing aide, pulverizing them until they looked like this:

Then, she took some limeade, mint, and basil and shook the whole thing up with some ice.

We all took turns trying it (even John, who might kill me if he sees himself on this post so shhhhh) and the verdict- pretty good!

When my cousins did finally arrive, Emma decided to take over the drink making.

(isn't she adorable? I just had to take pictures of my mini-me starting to be not so mini! I can still pick her up a whirl her around, for the record.)

And I am sorry, mom, but Emma's loose, this-looks-about-right approach tasted better. I gotta give credit where credit is due!


Cheers, lovelies!

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